Recent growth enables Clearwater Technology to invest in a new open plan office in Bishops Stortford demonstrating our commitment to become the leading brand for water treatment and hygiene in the region. To find out more about our services call 08000 937 936 or email




Clearwater growth drives move to new Bishops Stortford office

With a network of offices strategically located across the UK and Ireland, due to industry demand Clearwater Technology have recently opened a new larger office and storage facility in Bishops Stortford.


Clearwater Technology’s ‘one in a million’

This month the company surpassed its millionth water sample since implementing an electronic recording system in October 2008.


What can they put in the Water?

The European Biocidal Products Regulations (Commission Delegated Regulation No 1062/2014) outlines the work programme for the systematic examination of all active substances contained in biocidal products, including those that go into water.


Clearwater Financing: Making it easier for you to acquire the solution your business needs

Meeting health and safety, environmental and legislative concerns, whilst maintaining asset reliability and compliance is key to your business, but with multiple pulls on your working capital, how do you afford to continue to invest in technology?


LEDs & Micropollutant removal

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) use a fraction of the power of conventional lighting and therefore have become a great cost saving alternative for homes and businesses.


Sewage sludge could plug energy gap

It’s been proposed that human waste could be being turned into energy for the UK, in an effort to plug an ‘energy gap’ that looms in the next ten years. 


Marine life and Microbeads

The UK government has stated that it will consider a ban on plastic microbeads in products such as face scrubs, toothpaste and shower gels. 


Safe water in healthcare premises (the new HTM 04-01)

The government legislation which protects consumers within healthcare settings, HTM 04-01, has now been revised and is issued in three parts, A, B and C.


Legionnaires risk rears again

Last week there was an outbreak of the potentially deadly Legionnaires disease in Sydney, Australia.