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Clearwater Financing: Making it easier for you to acquire the solution your business needs

Meeting health and safety, environmental and legislative concerns, whilst maintaining asset reliability and compliance is key to your business, but with multiple pulls on your working capital, how do you afford to continue to invest in technology?

To assist, Clearwater has partnered with a company to offer flexible payments options to cover all the upfront costs of your system. Payment can be spread over time, accelerating Return on Investment and avoiding the large upfront costs that may restrict you from being able to benefit from the latest technology and return on investment proposals.


Benefits of Financing:

  • Cash-Flow Management – By spreading the cost of your Clearwater solution, cash is preserved to use in other areas
  • Accelerated Return on Investment – Better aligns payment with the benefits your solution delivers and in some cases can return cash to your operating budget from Day 1.
  • Alternative source of Unsecured Credit – Our facilities have no impact on your existing funding options, preserving your credit lines
  • Tax Efficient – For businesses, all payments on a lease agreement are fully tax deductible against your operating profits


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