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Combating Legionella & Water Treatment at the 12th Annual Conference

The H&V News' 12th Annual Combating Legionella & Water Treatment conference took place on the 29th and 30th September and was a great success. Our delegates, Pete Tyson, Jon Baileff, Denise Mcternan and Jonathan Beverly, all found the event useful and informative, and thought it was a great networking event.



Highlights of the conference included:

  • Essential update on risk assessment, ACoP L8 and HSG274
  • Even balance of science and practical issues to help you find solutions to your on-site legionella problems
  • Case studies were available from commercial operators, residential and healthcare providers, leisure facilities and those with cooling towers, to provide practical insight into prevention, risk assessment and treatment of waterborne bacteria.
  • Peter Alesbury, Head of Estates at St George’s University Hospital's NHS Foundation Trust, was a new speaker for 2015 and a customer of Clearwater's


There were a mixture of job titles among the 154 attendees, including facilities managers, engineers and regulators on health and safety, looking to share information on new technologies and solutions on legionella control, prevention and treatment. As a sponsor of the event, Clearwater would like to thank all that attended the event, and the exceptional speakers for their contribution to the positive conference.


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