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Legionnaires risk rears again

Last week there was an outbreak of the potentially deadly Legionnaires disease in Sydney, Australia. It’s believed to have originated from a cooling tower, and an older man and two younger women are currently known to have contracted the infection, however one is in a critical condition.

It’s been announced that ‘all of these people had underlying conditions that disposed them to catching Legionnaires’ disease.’ The Legionella bacteria is found in water droplets and once inhaled it can lead to Legionnaires' disease, a potentially fatal type of pneumonia. To find out more about the legionella bacteria and the disease please click here.


Legionella risk in the UK

Only last month in the UK it was announced that Wantage Community Hospital is now scheduled to shut early this summer after concerning levels of Legionella bacteria were detected in its hot water system. The hospital has stated this was due to the old pipework, which is corroded and provides poor water circulation.

However, both these cases highlight the dangers surrounding the disease and our need to be mindful of the need to be clear on Legionnella and the risks it poses. If you’re in any doubt about how to keep clear of the bacteria which causes the disease, Clearwater Technology can help. We have experts ready to protect you from the disease and have written an introduction on Legionella control and its legislation here.


Managing Legionella risk

Key points in our article explain that the person responsible for managing risks in your workplace must understand your water systems, the equipment associated with the system parts and be able to:

•identify and assess sources of risk

•manage any risks

•prevent or control any risks

•keep and maintain the correct records

•carry out any other duties you may have

While under the Notification of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers Regulations 1992, you also need to inform your local authority if you have a cooling tower or an evaporative condenser on site.



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