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Nestle Halved CO2 Output and Cut Energy Costs


The client produces a large volume of waste water through the milk evaporation process. Historically, this water - known as Cows Water - was sent to drain. The flow rate of this water is typically up to 16m3 per hour. Water is a costly resource, and at around £2.10 per m3 (£1.00 per m3 supplied, and £1.10 per m3 sewerage), the client was paying over £32 per hour of operation in water costs alone.



Clearwater designed, installed and commissioned a reverse osmosis filtration system to filter the Cows Water for use in the site's steam boilers.

This meant a potential energy and water saving in feeding the steam boilers with low TDS water. Over the course of the project, Clearwater faced some specific challenges including:

  • Dealing with Cows Water, which has a high level of dissolved fats
  • Integrating into the sites legacy equipment
  • Maintaining performance and operability of the equipment with the challenging water supply



Nestle (Girvan site) has halved its CO2 output and is progressing towards halving water consumption through initiatives like reverse osmosis on milk condensate.*


Accessed on 03/02/2014.