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Pie Manufacturer Saves 50% On Discharge Fees


As part of a continuing sustainability and cost saving programme, Ginsters decided to trial a range of well-known competitive bacterial products, in an effort to reduce Ginsters' expensive discharge fees and sludge removal costs.



Clearwater Technology produced a bacterial group of chemical products intended to contribute different aspects to form a healthy biological balance.

Within a number of days of injecting our specific chemical products, large residuals of built-up fat and grease within the system had been removed.

Ginsters' waste treatment management team said, "We are amazed at the performance of specific chemistry products. This is by far the strongest and most effective of all of the products we have trialled."

After only a few weeks COD and TSS levels were reduced by approximately 50%. The bacterium is now continuing to reduce fats, grease and other solids in the biological treatment tank, greatly improving efficiency.



The plant is now fully stabilised, and delivering approximately 50% more in cost savings for Ginsters based on their Mogden Formula discharge fees, whilst also increasing plant processing capacity.