Recent growth enables Clearwater Technology to invest in a new open plan office in Bishops Stortford demonstrating our commitment to become the leading brand for water treatment and hygiene in the region. To find out more about our services call 08000 937 936 or email



Clearwater offers a comprehensive range of chemical products, developed to enable our clients to minimise the risk, optimise the efficiency and extend the lifetime of their engineered water systems.


Decrease the rate of corrosion, with our Coolcare inhibitor for open recirculating cooling systems.


Control scale and corrosion within your steam boilers with our Steamcare range of products.


Corrosion inhibitor formulated to protect your closed circuit heating and chilling systems.


Products within the Microcare range are typically selected with consideration to the efficacy against particular targeted organisms in your systems, with a comprehensive range of oxidising and non-oxidising biocide treatments available in both liquid and solid form.

Effluent Treatments

Our range of effluent treatment products has been developed to enable recycling of system water and conformance with discharge consents.


Our chemical products cover a comprehensive range of water treatments, and for those that aren’t we offer bespoke products formulated specifically to meet the needs of our clients on an individual basis.

To improve the performance of your water systems or to replace an existing water treatment programme, do not hesitate to contact us.